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February 28, 2013 by FHElessons

Years ago when I taught the 8 year olds in Primary, I liked to bring in gospel related activities to keep the kids occupied if the lesson finished early.  One of the games I devised was a version of the game “Taboo,” but using church words.  If you’ve never played this game, the jist of it is that one person will attempt to get his/her team to guess a word by describing it to them, but there are certain words that the person giving the word description is not allowed to say while describing it.  These words are “taboo.”


church words taboo game with free printable


As you can see from the picture above, my own game of Taboo has been thoroughly used and is starting to fall apart a little.  It’s one of my favorite games!

The benefit of this game for my Primary kids was that they would need to thoroughly understand the gospel word at the top of each card in order to be able to describe it to their teammates.  So, not only did we have a little fun, but the kids learned something as well.  A few years later when I was teaching 15 & 16 year olds in Sunday School, I added some more words to my game to make it a little more challenging.


church words taboo game from


A few weeks ago when I substituted in Sunday School, I brought my church words Taboo game in with me for the kids to play.  Remembering it, I thought I would share it with you today.  I think it would make a fun addition to any Family Home Evening or other setting where gospel concepts are being learned.

I have typed it up and made it into a PDF that you can download for FREE!  Once you download it, you can print it on cardstock and cut it into separate Taboo cards.  When I printed mine, I actually printed on glossy photo paper to give it a little more of a professional feel, so that is an option for you as well!  Here’s an example of one of the pages from my version of the game.  The word on the top is the one the team is trying to guess, and the ones on the bottom are the “taboo” words.

church words taboo game


These words will easily fit into the card holder in a Taboo game that you currently own.  If you don’t own one, no worries!  Just keep the cards facedown in a stack and have the “giver” turn the top card over in his/her hand, onto a clipboard, or onto a book or other flat surface to keep the others who are doing the guessing from seeing the word through the back of the card.  You will also need some sort of timer to mark the 1 minute time limit and something on which to keep score.  The last component of the original Taboo game is a buzzer so that the opposing team can “buzz” someone if they say something that is “taboo,” but we rarely use that anyway.  If you do want to have the opposing team monitor the “giver,” they can just give a shout out if he/she says a taboo word.




A few tips:

  • Important:  Be sure to select “actual size” in the print dialog box if you want the cards to turn out to be the right size to fit into the card holder of an existing game.
  • When I view the file on MediaFire, it looks like it is a little bit messed up: some things are off-center and the underlining is askew.  But when I tried downloading it, the download came out perfectly.  If you do download it, please check your downloaded file and let me know if it worked out like it was supposed to.
  • The instructions to play the game are contained in the first page of the file.
  • The last page of the file has blank cards so that you can add your own cards if you desire.  Instructions to do so are below.
  • Depending on the ages of the people in your group, you can pick and choose which cards to use.  Many of the easier cards are contained in the first couple of pages of the file.  Choose the words that you think your family/group will know and will be able to describe and guess.
  • In my photos above, I have the words showing on both the top and the bottom cards, but you actually want to set it up as shown in the card holder below, with the unused cards upside down.


church words taboo with free printable from


There are 81 Church Words Taboo Cards contained in my version, but you might also like to make some cards of your own!  If you are studying a particular subject, you might want to make some cards to go with your lesson to reinforce what you have taught.  Or you might want to add some easier or more difficult cards, depending on the ability level of your family or group.  The last page of the file is made up of blank cards to allow you to do this.

How to do it?

In order to write them, think of a word that is part of your lesson or relates to whatever concept or book of scripture that you are studying.  Write that letter in the top section of the card.  Then think about how you would describe that word if you were trying to get someone to guess it.  Write the first few key words that come to mind as part of your description on the bottom of the card.

Try not to prevent your family from being able to describe the word if they truly understand the concept or item, but prevent them from taking the easy way out.  For example, my card for the Word of Wisdom prohibits the “giver” from saying something like, “This is the Lord’s code of health which says that we can’t drink coffee or tea.”  But the “giver” could say, “This is found in D&C 89,” or “This contains a promise to run and not be weary and walk and not faint,” or even, “This is a principle with a promise.”  Remember that your objective in making these cards is to teach your family and also to allow them to have fun!


Instructions for Making Your Own Church Words Taboo Cards:

Option 1:  Print the page with the blank cards and hand-write in the words you would like to do.

Option 2:  Open the file in Adobe Reader.  Click on “Sign” in the upper left corner.  Click on “Add Text.”  Click on the document where you want to add the text.  Type it in.  Format the words using the little formatting box that will appear as you type.  Once all the words are typed in, print that page.  You can save a copy if you desire but don’t save over the original document as you may want to create more cards in the future.


I hope you enjoy the game!  Happy Family Home Evening!

20 thoughts on “Church Words Taboo Game

  1. Molly Parsons says:

    Thank you so much! I’m so excited! I’ll definitely play this with my family! Love you! You’re so amazing! Molly

  2. Dorette says:

    I love this.Thank you for such a great idea for FHE as well as sunday school, Primary,Young womenand Young Mens,acheivement days,etc.You are AWESOME!Thank you,thank you thank you!

  3. FHElessons says:

    You’re very welcome! I’m glad you could use the game. I hope you have fun with it!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thank you! This is great! I really appreciate you sharing your creativity… I am going to use it for FHE!

  5. Jo says:

    This is so cool! My daugter Jennifer sent this to me and I am definitely going to try it with family and church! Thank you for sharing your faith as you help build others! God has to be smiling on this one! I am a pastor’s wife and leader for children and adults at our church so this will be used! God bless you!

  6. kathgg says:

    What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing your time and talents…

  7. jeni jones says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. This would also be a fun combined mutual activity!

  8. Kellie says:

    Oh thank you so much! I was just hoping to find a fun FHE game for my tweens and teens! HUGE thanks for your kindness and making it so easy for me!!

  9. Thank you so much! This fits with my Sunday School lesson fantastically and my 16 and 17 year olds will LOVE it! I appreciate your willingness to share your hard work!

  10. Priscilla says:

    Thanks. Really appreciate this game. God bless you. Do update me if you have any more of such games 🙂

  11. Jen says:

    Thanks for the download! We plan on playing taboo today. You are so awesome for sharing.

  12. Tammi Richardson says:

    Thank you so much for the download it is going to be loved in our primary. It is very kind of you for sharing your talents in the gospel….

  13. valerie P. says:

    this is really great! thank you for sharing. I plan to use it with our youth, and even my own family.

  14. Shently L. Nervida says:

    where can I buy this?

    • FHElessons says:

      There is nowhere that you can buy it already printed, but I am offering it as a free download. Just download to your computer, print, cut the cards apart, and you’re ready to go! Enjoy!

  15. LiziB says:

    So fantastic!! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Emilia Galbraith says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing! This is awesome. I am using for my youth group tomorrow 🙂

  18. Treva says:

    Thank you. I’m always trying to teach my grandchildren about Jesus. This game will be fun and educational

  19. Kesha says:

    Thanks, It came out great!. I was thinking of making up this game on my own then decided to search for it and wow, there it was. Thanks Again!

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