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August 17, 2013 by FHElessons

I may have mentioned this before, but just in case you haven’t heard, I want to let you know that my son is currently serving a full-time mission for the LDS church!  Although he is only 18 years old, he is devoting two years of his life to serve God and spread the good news of Christ’s gospel.  Have I mentioned how incredibly proud I am of him?

In order to help the missionaries succeed in their work, one of the rules for his mission is that he can only listen to music that invites the Holy Spirit and brings him closer to God.  This was actually a pretty big sacrifice for him because he is a music lover!  Before he left for his mission he was in the habit of spending a couple of hours each day just listening to music, and he always liked to have background music playing any chance he got.  So to go two years without listening to popular music seemed like a hardship to him.

Now that he is out in the mission field, however, I know that he is doing everything he can to increase his spirituality and his access to God.  So I’m sure he wouldn’t want to listen to any music that would take away from that.  But he does still want to have a variety of good music to listen to.

music for missionaries by

I thought I would share some of the CD’s that he has requested since he’s been out on his mission.  If you have a missionary and are looking for good music to send, maybe one of these CD’s will work for you.  Or, if you’re just looking for some inspirational music to play around your house, I hope this list will help you as well.

This is not a sponsored post, and I am not advocating that you buy these CD’s.  Just sharing the music my son likes in hopes that it helps someone.  Here they are.  Click on the title to go to a link where you can buy it.


A Hymn Revival by the Lower Lights

There are now 2 volumes of this collection.  The link above takes you to the lower lights website.  You can also buy it on Amazon.  It’s more expensive there, but if you get the free shipping, it may come out to be cheaper.  Also, on Amazon, you can listen to clips of all of the songs on the CD.


August End by John Schmidt

This one is actually a little cheaper on Amazon right now.  You can listen to clips on either website.


Lead Thou Me On by BYU Vocal Point

Again, currently cheaper on Amazon.


The Work: A Nashville Tribute to the Missionaries by Nashville Tribute Band

The Work: A Nashville Tribute to the Missionaries

It seems you can only purchase the MP3 versions at the Nashville Tribute Band website above.  I had an actual CD in my cart at Amazon, but it seems to be no longer available.  Their MP3 version is cheaper than above, though.


Grateful Praise by Eclipse

This one is currently more expensive at Amazon.  You can listen to clips at either website.

So, those are the ones requested by my missionary.  My brother-in-law is also serving as a mission president right now, and my sister found this awesome CD to give out as Christmas gifts to her missionaries.  She gave one to me as well, and I loved it!


The Missionary Hymn Project by Rob Gardner

The Missionary Hymn Project - CD

Rob Gardner arranged these hymns as a gift to missionaries out there, remembering how he felt when he was serving a mission and wishing for new music.  He is offering the CD very inexpensively, and if you buy it in bulk, it gets even cheaper.  You can also purchase sheet music of the arrangements.


Also, here is a website with free music downloads I like:

Hymn Arrangements

This is a blog by a guy named Spencer Magnum.  He arranges hymns and offers them completely free!  And they are beautiful!  I downloaded them and burned them to a CD to send to my missionary.  He loved them!


Lastly, the daughter of a friend of mine has recently made a CD of inspirational music:

Called to the Work by Rebecca Mohler

Called To The Work cover art

The proceeds from this CD will go to fund her own mission for the LDS church.  She arranged the songs herself and plays and sings them on the CD.  She did a great job!

Well, I hope this list helps some people in their search for beautiful and inspirational music.  If anyone has any other suggestions, please share in the comments!  Happy listening…..

6 thoughts on “Music for Missionaries

  1. Sandy says:

    Make sure all music is approved by the Mission President. The rules for our missionary is MoTab and reverent classical only.

    • FHElessons says:

      That’s a good point. Thanks, Sandy!

      • Agatha Runyan says:

        For the past 10 weeks, I have been wondering what to put on my son’s MP3 player. I will send a message to the mission president to see what is approved for the missionaries in Finland. Just found this “by accident” as I was going to check my email, and went down the list to see if the site was stored on my tablet. This is so awesome! It gives me a starting point, but am grateful for the comment that said, make sure you check with the mission guidelines 🙂 Thank you for the great suggestions.

  2. Nancy Abbott says:

    another one to consider adding to the list… Set Apart

  3. Penny Linford says:

    My son leaves for his mission today and I’m wondering how they listen to music these days on a mission. At home he uses his iphone but won’t be taking that. I don’t think he’ll have a cd player. Do most missionaries bring an ipod and just create an appropriate playlist?

    • FHElessons says:

      I think it depends on the mission rules. My son was able to bring an ipod, and he also had a car which had a cd player in it. Best of luck today! It’s hard letting them go but totally worth it.

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