The People of Limhi Escape

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August 15, 2014 by FHElessons

This post is part of my Book of Mormon story series.  To see all the stories in this series, click on the “Scripture Stories” tab at the top of the page.  To see a timeline of how all the stories fit together, go HERE.  To read the story that comes before this one, go HERE.  To print the picture below, click on it to open the gospel library at


The People of Limhi Escape

(found in Mosiah 22 in the Book of Mormon)

The People of Limhi Escape

from gospel library

As King Limhi’s people suffered in bondage to the Lamanites and gradually humbled themselves and turned to the Lord, they began to increase their righteousness. Ammon taught them more of the gospel and told of how he had entered into a covenant to serve God. King Limhi himself and many of his people also decided to enter into a covenant with God to serve Him and keep His commandments. They wished to form a church and be baptized “as a witness and testimony that they were willing to serve God with all their hearts” (Mosiah 21:35), but they had no one with authority to baptize them. They asked Ammon to baptize them, but Ammon did not feel worthy to do so. Limhi’s people lamented the fact that Alma and his people had fled and wished they could join them to be part of their church.

Limhi and Ammon began to discuss how they could deliver the people from bondage to the Lamanites. They knew from past experience that they could not do so by the sword, so they thought the only way would be to escape. But that would involve taking all their women and children and flocks and herds and tents into the wilderness, which wouldn’t be easy, especially since they were guarded night and day by the Lamanites.

So, who is it who comes up with the idea for escape? Gideon, the one who has served the people well in the past. Gideon noticed that the Lamanites who guarded the back wall of the city were frequently drunk. He proposed to take plenty of wine to them as a tribute (tax) and to get them drunk. This they did and even gifted them extra wine to be sure that those drunkard guards would be passed out cold. Once that happened, all of King Limhi’s people escaped during the night through the pass in the back wall. They took everything they could carry, including all their precious possessions. And with Ammon’s guidance, they were able to make it safely back to Zarahemla, where they were welcomed with open arms by King Mosiah.


Points to Ponder:

· What would it be like to be Ammon and to be asked by a whole city full of people to baptize everyone and to have to refuse because you were not worthy to do so? Wouldn’t you be filled with regret at being unable to serve? Do you think Ammon made himself worthy to baptize in the future? If you hold the priesthood, how important is it to keep yourself worthy to use that priesthood?

· In the previous story about King Limhi’s people being in bondage, we compared their experience to someone suffering from addiction or bondage to sin. When King Limhi and Ammon discussed how to free the people, they concluded that since they could not fight their way out, the only way to freedom was to flee. How can we flee from sin? Is fleeing the only way to avoid sin or free ourselves from it?

· The solution to the way for the people of Limhi to escape seems so simple that it is a wonder they didn’t think of it before. But I suppose, based on the fact that the scouts they sent out before were unable to find Zarahemla, they needed Ammon to show them the way back. Sometimes in our own lives, we need someone else to show us the way back, to show us how to escape from sin and return home. How can we be that person for others?

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