10 Best FHE Chart Ideas on the Web

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October 10, 2014 by FHElessons

I have been seeing so many cute ideas for Family Home Evening charts all over the internet!  FHE charts make great Christmas gifts, and getting a new one for your own family can help to liven things up and make everyone excited to rotate jobs for FHE again.  I’ve collected all the best ideas for you to choose from, just in time to make or buy a new one for Christmas this year!  Enjoy!

The 10 Best FHE Charts from FHELesson.wordpress.com


Liahona FHE Chart

I think this first one is my favorite.  And it’s super easy because you can just order it instead of having to make it yourself!  You can request it with anywhere between 4-8 family member spots without having to double up the names.

Liahona FHE Chart from BangFabrication

from Bang Fabrication


Photo FHE Chart

Here’s a fun one that is a photo of your family mounted to a magnetic or metal board. The FHE assignments are printed onto magnets to switch around on to each person.

Photo FHE Chart from DeliaCreates

from Delia Creates


Ceramic Tile FHE Chart

This one is so cute and creative.  It’s made from ceramic tiles that are painted, and then the jobs are written on with dry erasable markers.

Ceramic Tile FHE Chart from SassySites

from Sassy Styles


Printable FHE Chart

Here’s an easy, free printable one.  She offers options for 4-8 family members.

Printable FHE Chart from A Year of FHE

from A Year of FHE


Plate Rack FHE Chart

The person who designed this one does not seem to have a blog.  She just created this, took a picture of it, and pinned the photo to Pinterest.  Luckily, I was able to find her on Facebook and message her to get permission to use her photo on my blog.  She gives some instructions for how to make this chart in the comment on her pin.  I think you could also use ceramic plates and paint on them.

Plate Rack FHE Chart

from Jamie Jueschke


Printable Ice Cream FHE Chart

Here’s another super cute free printable chart.  I love how when you double up on assignments, you get a double scoop of ice cream!

Printable Ice Cream FHE Chart from MMPrintables

from MM Printables


FHE Dice

This one is different: Roll the dice to see who does which job!  These can be purchased from their website.

FHE Dice from SayItOntheWall

from Say It On the Wall


Chalkboard FHE Chart

Not only would this one make an attractive decoration in your home, but it’s fun that the kids can use chalk to write their own names on the board.

Chalkboard FHE Chart from GingersnapCrafts

from Gingersnap Crafts


Quilted FHE Chart

If you’re good at sewing, you could make this adorable FHE chart.  Each person’s name is on a little stuffed heart that Velcro’s on to the board.

Quilted FHE Chart from BeCreativeWithAmy

from Be Creative with Amy


Magnetic Monogrammed FHE Chart

And, finally, this monogrammed chart can be made by framing a piece of sheet metal.  Move the pictures of family members around to the different jobs.

Magnetic Monogram FHE Chart from DecorAllure

from Decor Allure


Aren’t these all wonderful ideas?

  Which one will you choose?

10 Best FHE Charts

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